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    Welcome to SayulitaRiviera Nayarit Mexico

    The beaches of Sayulita Nayarit are calling your name. Relax on your oceanview poolside patio, or enjoy a leisurely walk to town for world class surfing, yoga, and more.

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    Sayulita OffersPopular with surfers.

    Mexican culture, great restaurants and fun activities are at your fingertips. All only minutes from the Puerto Vallarta international airport,

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    Uncluttered white beachesPlaya Escondida Beach

    the tidy surf break, the amiable fishermen gutting their catch by the sea, the tranquil town square with its rustic taco stands and tortillerías." — The New York Times

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    Sayulita Lodging

    Sayulita Exotic Hideaways

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    5 (safe) Mexican EscapesSeptember 10th, 2010

    Best places to visit, Go north to visit beautiful Sayulita, a onetime fishing village colonized by surfers and expats. - Sunset Magazine

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    SayulitaPaddle Surf Geovani

Welcome to sunny Sayulita! Home to beautiful beaches, Mexican culture, world-class activities and more, you will fall in love with this seaside surfer town.

Often called the “crown jewel” of the Riviera Nayarit, Beachfront vacation rentals are a favorite with travelers to the area. Stunning natural beauty, eco tourism and jungle retreats are just the beginning. Fantastic and fun restaurants, with Wi-Fi readily available, English speaking doctors and pharmacists, and open-air eateries overlooking the sand and surf.

Sayulita Real Estate Buy and Sell Properties

Imagine yourself in your new beachfront home, surrounded by warm ocean air.

Playa EscondidaEco Resort & Spa

a secluded resort, nested in a beachfront setting surrounded by hills

What to do

Why Sayulita

Sayulita Surfing

Home to the annual Punta Sayulita Surf classic completion, Sayulita is widely known to surfers around the world. With a number of surf schools, novice surfers share the beach with tourists, beach bums, hot bodies and world-class surfers alike. The surf break here is perfect for the beginner to the expert surfer, and at night everyone enjoys live music venues together. Beachfront restaurants, bars and taco stands offer out-door dining at its best. Nothing beats a cold drink after a hot day, watching the waves roll in!

Sayulita Activities

Lets not forget the other activities available here, sailing charters, catamaran tours, spas, yoga studios, zip line adventures, snorkeling, horseback riding, and more. Now also a famous wedding destination, you can be sure your guests will have no shortage of fun and exciting things to do in Sayulita. We look forward to seeing you here!

Sayulita As Home

Often called the "crown jewel" of the Riviera Nayarit, Sayulita real estate is quickly becoming some of the most sought after in all of Mexico. Beachfront vacation rentals are a favorite with travelers to the area. Stunning natural beauty, eco tourism and jungle retreats are just the beginning. Fantastic and fun restaurants, with Wi-Fi readily available, English speaking doctors and pharmacists, and open-air eateries overlooking the sand and surf.

We Love Sayulita

International Airports Near Sayulita

Name Distance
Licenciado Gustavo D?az Ordaz International Airport 27.9 km / 17.3 miles

Other Airports Near Sayulita

Name Distance
Tepic Airport 86.7 km / 53.9 miles

Cities near Sayulita, Mexico

Name Distance
Bucerias 16.62 km
Calexico 63.05 km
Compostela 67.39 km
El Nogalito 40.07 km
Ixtapa 30.53 km
Ixtapa De La Concepcion 57.20 km
Jalcocotan 74.40 km
Jaltemba 62.38 km
Las Varas 43.34 km
Mascota 78.09 km
Mezcales 21.51 km
Monteon 20.29 km
Nayarit 89.60 km
Puerto Vallarta 33.72 km
Punta De Mita 20.29 km
San Blas 74.37 km
San Jose Del Valle 23.82 km
San Juan De Abajo 26.56 km
Tepic 89.60 km
Valle De Banderas 22.09 km

Sayulita News

IS Mexico's not safe for tourists?

Editor's note: Tim Woodward recently returned from Mexico. This is the first of twocolumns from the trip.SAYULITA, Mexico — "You're going to Mexico? Do you really think that's safe?"

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Introducing Sayulita: Mexico's Boho Surf Town


About an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, is the unassuming hippie surf town that hasn't made a huge effort to lure in tourists and yet, somehow more and more tourists are slowly discovering this lazy beach village.

Given that Punta Mita is a bit of an upscale bubble along the Riviera Nayarit, we decided to check out Sayulita on a day trip. From Punta Mita, the drive takes about 45 minutes, although it is technically only 10 miles away. The drive there is relatively simple: only a couple of left turns along one main road and we found ourselves driving through the main strip in Sayulita. We parked the car and strolled through town for the afternoon.

Sayulita is what I imagine Puerto Vallarta once looked like 20 years ago.

While Puerto Vallarta is still the most "authentic" when compared to Cabo and Cancun, Sayulita makes Puerto Vallarta look super modern in comparison. The main street is lined with hole-in-the-wall shops selling t-shirts, swimsuit cover-ups, beaded necklaces, and local art, restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating on worn wood or plastic benches and chairs, the kind of coffee shops you could probably visit barefoot, and the occasional vendors selling candy or fresh fruit on the streets.

There are signs outside of stores that beckon pedestrians with colorful chalk indicating the current specials. There are random stray dogs (or maybe they had owners but no leashes) along the road, and children eating snacks and running around under the swaying palms.

Dusty ATVs are parked along the side of the road. Visitors wander the small town in golf carts. This is the type of place where one could roll out of bed, hair undone, and wander down to a café for breakfast in a ratty t-shirt and a pair of 20-year old shorts. No makeup required. Shoes optional, although I'd recommend it.

Side streets lead to the beach, which is undoubtedly Sayulita's main draw.

It is a long strip of beach, lined with restaurants, surf shops, and plenty of opportunities to take surfing lessons or rent paddleboards.

Apparently, Sayulita is one of the best surfing destinations in Mexico, although when we were there, the surf was small.

There are also swarms of beach chairs and umbrellas for rent. One vendor quoted us 200 pesos to rent two chairs for a day, which is not a bad price to escape the heat for the day, but it was already the afternoon and the clouds were coming in so we passed on his offer.

It seems, however, that most tourists make a day of lounging on the beach with their beers in hand and a ready stack of magazines.

Meanwhile, as is common in Mexico, beach vendors roam the strip asking tourists if they want to buy sunglasses, sombreros, or heck, maybe even a parachuting Batman or Spiderman to fly as a kite.

Aside from being a surfing destination and consistent with its bohemian vibe, Sayulita has no shortage of yoga studios, eco-friendly accommodation options, and even natural foods (you're not going to find a Whole Foods but it is possible to dig around and find organic food options).

As one local informed us, however, Sayulita is not for everyone. The hotels offer basic accommodations that mirror the natural surroundings and vibe of the small town. There are no mega resorts or big chains.

There aren't even banks in town. This is the kind of place to go if you want to get away from it all but not be entirely alone – the kind of place you go if you're looking for more authenticity in Mexico or something that still relatively off the tourist trail.

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