Sayulita Surf Report

Sayulita's good wave reputation has lead to the place turning into a Mexico's primiere surf city. The reefs are mellow and ideally suited to beginners and longboarders.

Located in Mexico' Riviera Nayarit on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands with a comparable sub-tropical climate. This is an extremely scenic area, with lush tropical jungles, mangroves and deciduous forests lining the coast. To the east and south lie high volcanic mountains, from which several rivers flow to the ocean, cutting the landscape into valleys and deep gorges along the way. Mostly undeveloped, the coastline of Nayarit has attracted hardcore surfers since the late 1960s.

A must see for those seeking an epic sessions can visit near breaks such as San Pancho, Playa Chacala, Santa Cruz, and legenery longest right in the world San BlasĀ“ Matanchen Bay. (see Surf Break Cam)

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