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"Sayulita has become a hub for yoga on the Mexican westcoast. The mission of Yoga Los Suenos is offer a Full-time your -round regular yoga classes along with a retreat centre. The expansion of Hotelito Los Suenos was created with this in mind. The owner of the hotel is a yogi and wanted to share the joy of practising yoga in a tropical environment.. The yoga studio was designed and built with much care and attention for the yoga practitioner. Everything from the cushioned flooring to high quality mats to the great surround sound was thought of. Our hope is to attract yogis from all over North America and Mexico to come to Sayulita."


Welcome to paradise!!!

Nestled in beautiful Sayulita,a fisherman and surf paradise in Nayarit riviera, just 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta international airport, PARAISO Yoga shala blossoms. An open space devoted to Yoga practice. All levels welcome!



At a young age Narayani was drawn towards a oath of introspection:"When the disciple is ready, the teacher appears", she once read and that's how she connected with her first meditation teacher more than fifteen years ago. Certified in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Narayani has spent most of the last ten years teaching in Argentina, Brazil, London, Thailand and mexico, wher she's living since 2007. Narayani's yogic foundations come from the spiritual guides she's met and learned from all over the world as Duncan Wong, Baptiste Marceau, Peggy Orr among other. She has been certified in thai message in Thailand, and she was taught Vipassana meditation by the monks at the Buddhist University of the Order Wat Suan Dok. She has a deep understanding of the body as well as the mind and soul;and is truly devoted to her students in a kindly and loving way.


PARAISO Yoga is a small economical secret to know about, designed with me "zen surfer" in mind, is ideally located. There is only a 3 minute short walk to center of town and a short hop of 2 blocks to the beach. It has only 3 bungalows, these are very simple and sparsely appointed with quality furnishings. One large bungalow with 2 queen beds and a single bed, for cozy friends with full bath. Two very light and airy-cool separate bungalows, with one queen bed, perfect for a single, couple or cozy friends +1 max! Each of those bungalows are assigned a private shower room and toilet room.


Thai massage with Nara
Thai massage Therapist CTM
"The shool of Thai Massage Dr. Shivagakomarpaj"
Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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