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Sayulita Mexico SUP Longboard Classic Results for 2014

Sayuita, located on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico had a great turnout as the 5th Annual Sayulita Classic took place from March 7-9, with the surfing and SUP events held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Tourism Board of Nayarit, Punta Sayulita resort, and the Sayulita SUP and community businesses sponsoring the event, along with many, many Sayulita community volunteers making it all happen. Everyone seemed to have a blast partying and cheering on the competitors. ..A terrific crowd!

Accomplished competitors showed up for the Sayulita Classic from countries represented from Japan, Italy, Brazil, USA and across Mexico participating in this event raising the bar for all of the competitors,as the "heat" was definitely on! 11 medals went out to the Sayulita crew…Way to represent Sayulita competitors! Kudos to all of the competitors who did not make the medals this time around!

The Huichol Indians came and gave a blessing on Saturday, blessing Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the four directions, along with a blessing for all of the competitors. It was a beautiful ceremony as the Shaman walked down by the competitors and gave them blessings for safety and luck.

Sayulita is not known especially for "huge" waves, but rather good sized waves that have a long wave break. Saturday's weather and waves were good, getting windy in the late afternoon giving the gals a go of it as they showed off theirendurance getting out past the large breakers that were mostly closing out, trying to find a good ride.

Sunday the wind and clouds came in making for a very choppy surfing day, again, giving the competitors a chance to really show off their styles and endurance.

Highlights of the Weekend

The SUP Elite race was interesting this year as there was some confusion on how many laps were done, with Fernando Stalla doing a 5th "victory lap"!

It was a tight race for first between Fernando Stalla (below) and Ryan Helm, both from Sayulita. Ryan, unfortunately decided not to wear his leash, thinking it was saving him some time and fell, his board getting away from him and instead losing a lot of time, with Stalla, winning the SUP Elite, Zane Schweitzer from Maui Hawaii coming in second and amazingly enough however, Ryan Helm catching up placing third!

Ryan also took the first place for the Men's 10K Distance Race on Sunday…wining a total of 3 medals this weekend…way to represent Ryan Helm!!

For the Women's SUP Elite race Fiona Wylde from Hood River Oregon took first place with Sofia de Wolfe taking second and Bailey Rosen coming in for the third place medal. Nice going ladies!

Saturday Evening Reggae Recording Artist Mishka

jammed his Reggae tunes to a huge crowd playing tunes from the new mini album on Jimmy Buffett's Mailboat Records, stating earlier that this weekends jam was also a "release party" for the new music. Finishing up about 10:00, the crowd cheered and brought Mishka back out on stage where he played several more tunes for everyone. SWEET! A good time was had by all with what felt to me a very peaceful and flowing energy throughout the large crowd.

Men's SUP Surf "Old Boys" competition and kudos goes out to all of the medalists, with Chuck Trout of Pacific Palisades, California taking first place. Bucerias local Adam Finer, taking second place! Way to go Adam! You can find Adam in Bucerias at Pacific Paddle. (photo right curtisy of Jay Ailworth)

The Women's Longboard Surfing Competitions were tight, as the ladies rocked it on their boards hanging 5 and even a couple of hang 10′s showing off with switching, doing spins and tight turns. Sunday was windy with very chopy waves. These ladies showed their strength and endurance all weekend

Vanina Walsh from Oahu Hawaii took the first place, with our very own Karen Jacobson from Sayulita placing second, Fiona Wylde from Hood River Oregon placing third and Izzi Gomez from Jupiter Florida taking 4th place.

The Men's Longboard with Zane Schweltzer from Maui, Hawaii placing first, Stalla coming in second, Tigre thrid and Ryan Helm placing 4th….the last three all Sayulita boyz!

Unfortunately, during the Men's final Longboard heat, competitor Jesse Timm from San Diego California came in early pulling off his competitors skin as he came out of the water with a broken nose and a lot of blood, and what looked like a cut on the top of his forehead. A life guard was in the water pronto ready to help, but Jesse was able and did come in on his own power.

I did not have a chance to interview him about what happened before he left for the hospital, but surfing can be a hazardous sport. It may look easy out there, but those boards are hard, the scags are sharp, along with the rocks and sea urchins that can come into play if you get dragged on the bottom as well, making this sport one not to be taken lightly. We all wish you a speedy recovery Jesse Timm, and better luck next year!

Here are all of the final results. (I apologize for missing a few locations of the women competitors)

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Sayulita Longboard and SUP Classic Finals

Men's SUP Surf

  1. Zane Schweitzer Maui, Hawaii
  2. Fernando Stalla Sayulita, Mexico
  3. Guillermo "Tigre" Cadena Sayulita, Mexico
  4. Ryan Helm Sayulita, Mexico

Women's SUP Surf

  1. Vanina Walsh Oahu, Hawaii
  2. Karen Jacobson Sayulita, Nayarit
  3. Fiona Wylde Hood River, Oregon
  4. Izzi Gomez Jupiter, Florida

Men's SUP Surf "Old Boys"

  1. Chuck Trout Pacific Palisades, California
  2. Adam Finer Bucerias, Nayarit
  3. Roberto Conti Cagliary, Italia
  4. Carlos Ochoa Acapulco, Guerrero

Men's Longboard

  1. Tony Silvagni Carolina Beach
  2. Joel Barraza Sayulita, Mexico
  3. Fisher Grant Melbourne Beach, Florida
  4. Isidro Rodriguez Sayulita, Mexico

Women's Longboard

  1. Chloe Calmon Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  2. Karina Rozunko San Clemente, USA
  3. Mary Osborne (Defending Champion) Ventura California
  4. Erin Ashley Long Beach, California


Elite Race Men

  1. Fernando Stalla Sayulita, Mexico
  2. Zane Schweitzer Maui, Hawaii
  3. Ryan Helm Sayulita, Mexico

Elite Race Women

  1. Fiona Wylde Hood River, Oregon
  2. Sofia de Wolfe
  3. Bailey Rosen

10K Distance Race Men

  1. Ryan Helm Sayulita, Mexico
  2. Mo Freitas Haleiwa, Hawaii
  3. Fernando Stalla, Sayulita, Mexico

10K Distance Race Women

  1. Fiona Wylde Hood River, Oregon
  2. Brit Oliphant
  3. Sofia de Wolfe

2.2K Fun Race Men

  1. Hector Gonzalez Sayulita, Nayarit
  2. Chuck Trout Pacific Palisades, California
  3. Ori Icaza San Francisco, (San Pancho), Nayarit

2.2K Fun Race Women

  1. Martha Diaz Sayulita, Mexico
  2. Katie Mclean
  3. Stacey Griffin

Another great Sayulita Classic this year! Kudos goes out to all of the competitors!

The SUP and longboard surfers are not receiving prize monies for this event, but rather the winners of the event will be going for the draw for the international SUP events. The main cause for this event is raising the awareness and consciousness concerning environmental protection for oceans and the wildlife. Funds will go to the Reef Check Foundation (, Eco-Diver Program and the Punta Sayulita Foundation's children's sports and development programs. Thank you everyone for your support! See you next year for the 5th Annual Sayulita SUP and Longboard Classic!