10 Reasons to Visit Sayulita, Mexico

Looking for a new and different travel destination that has it all? Look no further than Sayulita, Mexico. Visiting Sayulita promises to be the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a romantic, secluded getaway or an event filled excursion for the family, traveling to Sayulita guarantees the best trip ever.

Here is Top 10 reason to answer Why Sayulita?

1. Diversity: Sayulita, Mexico has variety unlike few places today. Sayulita ensures everything from five-star villas with a chef, to quaint rooms at a budget price. There is so much to see and do. From art exhibits and cultural shows to land tours where you encounter rural Mexican farming, there is a little of everything. No place has a more divergent offering of sites and adventures. Tourists can make traveling in Sayulita anything they choose. Whether you prefer seclusion near the beach or mountains or houses for a large group near the heart of the city. Anything that appeals to you is there.

2. Cost: Sayulita can be whatever you would like it to be. For the budget traveler, there are clean rooms, accessible to activity, for $8 to $10. There is also camping for that price. Included in the camping price is a bicycle and hot showers. Any type vehicle can be rented reasonably while traveling in Sayulita. If you prefer your own excursions golf carts, vehicles, even large Suburbans can be obtained by the day or week. This allows you to check out the sites on your own. Wal-Mart is nearby if you prefer doing your own cooking or grilling.

3. Water Sports: Visiting Sayulita is the chance of a lifetime to participate in any type water sport activity you like or would enjoy learning. Sayulita is known for surfing. “The northern swell allows for great surfing much of the year”. It lends to the ideal surfing experience. Longboard surfing is taught by professionals to novices or family groups. There are semi-annual surfing competitions for the pros on short board. Couple competitions are especially enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. There is swimming, boating, tubing, diving and fishing. There are guided boat tours. Anything you enjoy or would like to do in the water is available while traveling in Sayulita.

4. Land Activities: If vacation for you means days full of activity, you can keep every hour planned visiting in Sayulita. There are land outings provided by the locals. Hiking, cycling, mountain cliff adventures, walking in or of town are just a few of the choices. There is something for every type guest visiting in Sayulita.

5. Beauty: If gorgeous sunsets, white or black sand beaches, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze and birds strolling on the shoreline appeal to your, visit Sayulita. Beautiful oceanfront amenities allow you to enjoy this paradise throughout your stay. Native flowers and plants add to the enjoyment of traveling to Sayulita.

6. Food: If native cuisine is part of your ideal vacation experience, visit Sayulita. Oceanfront seafood restaurants, complete with sand floors, provide fresh seafood brought up by divers while you eat. There are establishments that you can swim to for meals. No destination provides the exciting, diverse experience of visiting Sayulita.

7. Artifacts: Are you a history buff that loves seeing findings discovered from the ancient tribes? Travel to Sayulita and Exhibits showcase unearthed artifacts from ancient days. This gives insight into life in the area long ago.

8. Locals: Unlike most vacation destinations, you will find extremely friendly, helpful residents while visiting Sayulita. They are exceptionally helpful. If locals are teaching lessons and conditions are unfavorable, they will postpone them, allowing you to get all that you are paying them to teach you. During sessions taught by locals, professional water athletes are very kind and patient. Tourists feel welcomed and a part of the Sayulita experience.

9. Shopping: Whether you are a visitor who loves browsing through the local markets or you prefer more traditional shopping there is something for every shopper in Sayulita. Pottery and other items are made and sold by the locals. For those who prefer shopping in stores with other types of merchandise, there is something available for any taste.

10. A Hidden Treasure: Sayulita remained largely remote until major highways were constructed in recent decades. It still is much like tropical paradise destinations were years ago before they became crowded and overly commercialized. If you are looking for the place that has it all, come here and see Sayulita. You'll be glad you did.