Q & A

Taxi - There are a couple options for you to get from the airport to town. You can take one of the white taxis at the airport, which is the most convenient and most expensive way. Usually they charge around $60 US one way for up to 3 people. Cash only please!
Shuttle - If you want to save some money and have a little added security, you can book a shuttle van to pick you up here up to 7 people per van. Rates start at $150 US for a return trip and can include a stop at the larger grocery store, the Mega, on your way in.
Bus - The least expensive option is to walk over the overpass that crosses the highway at the airport. Wait at the bottom of the stairs for the public bus that goes to Sayulita. It is white, with a dark green bottom and will say Sayulita on the front window. This will cost $30 pesos, or about $2.50. The ride is about an hour and its last stop is the Sayulita bus stop, so no need to worry about where to get off the bus. Once there, there are taxis close to the bus stop that will take you to your destination in town starting at $50 Pesos.
There are a number of tiendas, or corner stores in town, and there is a Mega and a Walmart 40 minutes South of town towards Puerto Vallarta. You can stop at the Mega, as it is on your way into town from the airport, to save a trip.
We have several doctors in Sayulita in case of emergency. Cost per visit start at $500 pesos. Both doctors speak English; Dr. Gutierrez 329-291-3778 #20 Calle Marlin, and Dr. Moy 329-291-3947 #52B Av. Revolucion
There are also a number of pharmacies, and many medications are available over the counter without a prescription.
Sayulita is known as a safe family destination and with a population of under 5000 people, Sayulita hosts 1000's of visiting tourists weekly.
We have local and tourist police patrolling the town and beach 24 hours a day, and streets are well lit. There is a strong sense of community among the locals that call Sayulita home.
With a little travel sense you should never encounter an issue. Of course, keep your belongings secure, do not partake in drug use and take care to ensure you have a safe plan to get home if you will be out late enjoying local nightlife. For a list of emergency numbers, click here.
There are ATM's and money exchange places in town, but they may give a poor rate of exchange. The airport gives the worst rate! We do recommend bringing some pesos with you, as the ATMs in town can run out of cash. US is accepted at most businesses, but again at the exchange rate of the restaurant or stores choice. Credit cards are Not widely accepted, and there is no bank town.